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Tiffany Pham: Founder & Ceo of Mogul

" Lee McNutt has been one of the top value-adding investors in Mogul. An ongoing champion of our company, he has continued to collaborate with us and support us through new relationships and strategies for growth, through the years."

Umaimah Mendhro: Founder & Ceo of VIDA

" Lee has been one of the most valuable advisors to our company and most authentic, thoughtful, and considerate leaders I know. Lee will go to bat for people he believes in. I am truly grateful to call Lee a partner and a friend."

Gary Wolens, Investment Banker London and Dallas

"Thank you for including me in the dedication of the Navarro County Gold Star

Monument on May 15, 2021.  It was not only a historic event, but a very moving program.

I'd like to offer my congratulations as your dedication, planning and foresight were certainly on display today.  Texas is fortunate to have a citizen like you. "

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