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SVG Tech Startup Angel Fund


Raised Fund with two partners and invested in 65 tech startups between 2014 and February of 2016.  As of the February 2020, the fund returned approximately 65% of investors capital with 41 companies remaining to sell .

Tradesmen Truck Box


Based in Winters,Texas, this company was the 

sole supplier of pickup truck storage boxes to

home depot. owned this company with two partners.

sold this company to lund in 2015.

TCIP Investment Partnership and Reef Equity


Co-founder and partner of the Texas-based private equity firm focused on originating and acquiring middle to lower middle market businesses primarily located in the Southwestern part of the United States.

Daybook Network



President of texas operations. the company was sold in 2008.

International Direct Marketing Consultants Inc


President and founder of consulting firm dedicated to assisting leading retailers and online marketers expand borders the united states. Organizer and leader of 53 united states trade missions to all parts of the globe.

consulting clients include LL bean, Macys,neiman marcus,lands end,visa, collin street bakery, and many more. tools include alliance building, marketing partnerships, mergers and acquisitions.

Manning Media International


Co-founder of the data brokerage company.

based in dallas,tx. with customers throughout europe, Asia and the U.S.

New Media Gateway


raised the capital to start this successful web based information services company. that specializes in the convergence of business, technology & design.



co-founder of the direct marketing services

company with offices in Santiago, Chile and

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Department of Labor, Bush Administration 


special assistant to secretary of labor elizabeth dole. created the bush/quayle administration  first in depth study of the european union's e.c. 92 program.

Office of Public Affairs, Presidential Transition Team


Special assistant reporting directly to

david demarest, director of communications at the white house, responsible for the creation, and execution of events for the president elect.

Reagan White House

Office of Management and Budget Special Assistant office of Privatization




Worked with many agencies

of government on Privatizations and the A-76 program. 

Cryer Creek Kitchens



founder & president. This wholly owned subsidiary  of coLlin street bakery. baker & ship gourmet products to all 50 states & abroad.

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